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I bought a house.

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2012: My Year in Review

January: Started cutting my own hair.

February: Photographed a particularly bad example of illegal and dangerous parking – unsuccessfully petitioned the local council to issue a parking ticket.

March: Promotion at work.

April: Short stint as a war photographer.

May: Came 1330th in a 10K.

June: Rowed down the river Dee in an inflatable dinghy.

July: Issued a Freedom of Information Request, the answer to which was poached by a local journalist.

August: Noticed that Costco had started selling Christmas trees.

September: Offered a new job. Accepted a new job.

October: Visited my parents in Australia.

November: Had an unflattering photograph taken of me on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – caused by the Australian sun and a strong camera flash – a vision of how I’m going to look if my hairline continues receding.

December: Stopped cutting my own hair.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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I realised as I was filming this that I’ve never used a payphone.

I’m sure I must have come close when I was younger – going out to play with a 20p coin tucked in my sock to ring home ‘just in case’, but luckily I was never scared enough or hurt enough to make the call. I remember friends daring friends to dial 999 but I don’t remember any of us getting further than lifting the receiver.

There are still over 63,000 public payphones in the UK, but last year usage fell by more than 20 percent and many are now being removed (although BT have to consult with the local council before this can happen).

I should probably take that 20p out of my sock.

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War Games

I’ve been leaving toy soldiers around Aberdeen.

I thought it might be interesting to experience life in a city with a strong military presence, miniature though that may be.

It’s not interesting though, it’s terrifying.

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Pub Window

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2011: My Year in Review

January: Started a Twitter account pretending to be Boots – minor PR scandal.

February: Moved in with my girlfriend.

March: Best Man at a wedding in Florida.

April: Sold something (which had been given to me as a gift) on ebay.

May: Started writing friendly messages for strangers again.

June: Given a rubber dinghy for my 23rd birthday.

July: Bought my first car.

August: Performed at the Edinburgh Fringe. Experienced heartburn for the first time.

September: Parents moved to Australia.

October: Dressed as an amoeba for Halloween after two years of planning.

November: Grew an unpopular beard.

December: Went to an art gallery. Saw a sculpture of a dead dog wearing a party hat.

Happy New Year!