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Morning half awake
Wings cutting through wild wind
Recycled air


The Sun Shines Just for You

I recorded this almost two years ago, but as we’ve just escaped the worst UK winter for one hundred years and find ourselves at the start of what may actually turn out to be a warm, bright summer it feels appropriate to dust it off.

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I bought a house.

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2012: My Year in Review

January: Started cutting my own hair.

February: Photographed a particularly bad example of illegal and dangerous parking – unsuccessfully petitioned the local council to issue a parking ticket.

March: Promotion at work.

April: Short stint as a war photographer.

May: Came 1330th in a 10K.

June: Rowed down the river Dee in an inflatable dinghy.

July: Issued a Freedom of Information Request, the answer to which was poached by a local journalist.

August: Noticed that Costco had started selling Christmas trees.

September: Offered a new job. Accepted a new job.

October: Visited my parents in Australia.

November: Had an unflattering photograph taken of me on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – caused by the Australian sun and a strong camera flash – a vision of how I’m going to look if my hairline continues receding.

December: Stopped cutting my own hair.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Arnold Schwarzenegger: In His Own Words

The following are extracts from ‘Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story’, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s autobiography, presented verbatim without comment.

“Up till then, I’d thought that only girls cry, but I ended up crying quietly in the dark for hours.”

“Our apartment was always way cleaner than anyone else’s I went to, men or women. Especially women. They were like piglets.”

“I took off my clothes, put on the oil, and started pumping up.”

“I’d watched every installment, soaking up his ideas like a thirsty sponge.”

“I was like a sponge, soaking it all in.”

“For the next few weeks, I was basically in sponge mode.”

“Often it’s easier to make a decision when you don’t know as much, because then you can’t overthink.”

“Women always talked about emotions, but I considered it silly talk. It did not fit into my plan. Not that I usually admitted this to them, because it did not make them happy – instead I’d half listen and just say ‘Yeah, I understand.'”

“The economists who consulted for the state were saying ‘We’re facing some headwinds in housing, but the economy will pick up again in the next couple of years. The fundamentals are strong, and you can expect continuing healthy growth in 2009-10.’ Yet only two months later, our monthly revenues from taxes began falling alarmingly short: $300 million below expectations in August, $400 million in November, $600 million in December. The prediction was that we would have a $6 billion shortfall in our budget by the time the next fiscal year began in July 2008. I thought, ‘What is that about?'”


Olympics 2012

Great athletes are profundity in motion. They enable abstractions like power and grace and control to become not only incarnate but televisable. To be a top athlete, performing, is to be that exquisite hybrid of animal and angel that we average unbeautiful watchers have such a hard time seeing in ourselves.

-David Foster Wallace