Lewis Lane

I thought it would be interesting to compare different roads around the world which share the same name by viewing them through the all-seeing lens of Google Street View.

Actually, I originally wanted to compare shots of the skies above similarly named places, but if you spend any time looking only at the sky on Street View, you’ll quickly discover that it is predominantly blue, partially white and not particularly inspiring.

2016-03-13 (2)
The sky, as seen from Earth

So roads it was.

I picked a road name, ‘Lewis’, because why not (and Dryburgh didn’t pull up many results), and I picked a street suffix, ‘Lane’, because it made me chuckle. I could have cast the net a little wider by choosing something like ‘Main Street’ or ‘Hill Road’ but I liked the idea of looking at places which were off the beaten track.

It’s worth noting that the scope of Street View, while impressive and ever growing, is limited to certain countries. That’s irrelevant in this case because if you’re a dumb Anglophone like me and you’re searching for streets named ‘Lewis Lane’ the results are going to be geographically self-limiting anyway.

With all that said, allow me take you on a tour of some of the many Lewis Lanes of the world.

2016-03-12 (1)
Lewis Lane, Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia
2016-03-12 (2)
Lewis Lane, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
2016-03-13 (10)
Lewis Lane, Laguna Beach, California, United States
2016-03-12 (3)
Lewis Lane, Stutton, Suffolk, United Kingdom


2016-03-12 (4)

2016-03-12 (5)
Lewis Lane, Coatesville, Auckland, New Zealand
2016-03-12 (6)
Lewis Lane, Paris, Texas, United States
2016-03-12 (7)
Lewis Lane, Warner, Queensland, Australia
2016-03-12 (8)
Lewis Lane, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
2016-03-13 (9)
Lewis Lane, Highland Park, Illinois, United States
2016-03-13 (7).png
Lewis Lane, Prospect, South Australia, Australia
2016-03-12 (9)
Lewis Lane, Orilla, Ontario, Canada
2016-03-13 (4)
Lewis Lane, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa
2016-03-13 (6)
Lewis Lane, Kings Park, New York, United States

One response to “Lewis Lane”

  1. Andrew Cunningham Avatar
    Andrew Cunningham

    A companion piece on Lois Lane would be super, man.

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