2012: My Year in Review

January: Started cutting my own hair.

February: Photographed a particularly bad example of illegal and dangerous parking – unsuccessfully petitioned the local council to issue a parking ticket.

March: Promotion at work.

April: Short stint as a war photographer.

May: Came 1330th in a 10K.

June: Rowed down the river Dee in an inflatable dinghy.

July: Issued a Freedom of Information Request, the answer to which was poached by a local journalist.

August: Noticed that Costco had started selling Christmas trees.

September: Offered a new job. Accepted a new job.

October: Visited my parents in Australia.

November: Had an unflattering photograph taken of me on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – caused by the Australian sun and a strong camera flash – a vision of how I’m going to look if my hairline continues receding.

December: Stopped cutting my own hair.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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