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[When I was 15 years old I entered a writing competition.  I ‘won’ and, along with 50 other 11-18 year olds, had my short story ‘Transaction’ published in a book called That’s Write! Scotland (currently unavailable).  This is that story.]

‘Ouch!’ yelled David as he crashed his foot into the chest of drawers.  He bent down to caress his aching toes and looked up into the full-length mirror.  Standing up, he admired every ample curve of his body.  His flowing dark hair hung demurely over his heavily made-up face.

David had always known that he wanted to be a woman, and over the past three years, by use of hormone pills, he had sculpted his body accordingly.  He cupped his breasts proudly.  They were still developing but he found them wonderful nonetheless.

Rachael entered the bedroom and shut the door behind her.  She padded across the parquet floor and embraced David, her husband.  She had stood by him ever since they met five short years ago –  the confusion which David felt had not frightened her away, but had in fact brought the couple closer together.  After all, she was born a man herself.

4 replies on “Transaction”

It’s in the BL, Lewis! I am thinking of tweeting a pic and linking to your blog, would that be OK?

Yes I looked for the difference and it’s a very stylish sentence amalgamation (with en dash) at the end. The (badly edited, sorry) pic is up at Good work.

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