The Pedestrian

Recently I went to America where I discovered it is impossible to walk.

Walking in the US is permitted in certain designated areas – malls; restaurants; treadmills; K Mart – but walking between any of these places is not allowed, even crossing the road is a legal minefield.

I love walking, not hillwalking, not rambling, just walking.  It is one of my favourite hobbies.  There’s almost nothing I enjoy more than my morning foot-commute to work, so I found the lack of perambulation in America a little depressing.  That is, until I discovered the greatest road sign in the world.

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A distant cousin of our British Green Man.  Mr ‘Walk’.  Defiantly bipedal in the land of four wheels.  A beacon of hope to all those with feet in their hearts.

All hail The Pedestrian.

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