Car Club

In the week since I’ve returned from America, I’ve noticed something very odd in the West End of Aberdeen.

The obvious implication of these road markings is that if you’re a member of ‘Car Club’ then you are permitted to park in what is normally a no parking zone (note that the double yellow lines have been squiggled out).  This doesn’t seem fair at all – my girlfriend recently had to pay £80 for an annual council parking permit – if she could have joined ‘Car Club’ for say, £79 or less then I’m almost certain she would have.  It just makes sense.

Bizarrely, I’ve seen lots of these makeshift parking spaces and yet I don’t know where they’ve come from.  I can’t find anything about them online and noone I’ve spoken to seems to know anything about them.

I can only suppose that if you’re a member of Car Club, competing for a handful of semi-legal parking spaces, you do not talk about Car Club.


Edit:  I’ve had a few suggestions that the road markings may have something to do with City Car Club, a self-service Car Rental Agency.  This doesn’t seem to be the case.  Hmm.

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