Talking to Strangers (Again)

After the success of Saturday’s experiment I decided to post my mobile number on twitter tonight and invite people to take the opportunity to talk to a stranger.

In the space of 90 minutes I had 7 conversations and received 26 text messages; 44 missed calls and 18 voicemails (which you can listen to below).  I posted my mobile number to 500 twitter users and it was then reposted to thousands of other people.  A couple of hours after posting my number I got a call from Iain Lee who interviewed me live on Absolute Radio (link at the bottom of the post).

First I spoke to Dan.  We spoke about expensive Xmas turkeys, pet dogs, his career move from accountancy to consultancy (“I haven’t escaped spreadsheets yet but at least I get to work with my own ones”) and his acquaintance with Kevin Spacey.
Next I got a call from Abby.  She told me that she had children coming to stay with her tomorrow and that she was worried about them fighting.  She also told me that she lived near Heathrow , or, “the arse end of London” as she described it.
My third call was from Delia.  She tried to impress me by putting on a Scottish accent – it was good but mine was better.  She told me about how she once met Noel Fielding which sounded exciting.  She left me so she could go and take photographs.
Next I spoke to Vivmondo. He lives in Preston.  He told me how he once misspelled his own joke about the General Election Debates (“It looks like a Kraftwek concert!”)  He is going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this weekend, what a lucky man.  I think he may like Google Streetview even more than I do.
I got another phone call from bigmouthedwoman who I spoke to on Saturday.  She was in the middle of making dinner (a vegetarian meal) and later hung up on me accidentally – she blamed her cheek.  You can hear her voicemail apology below.
Aileen called for a quick chat.  She was on her way to the pub, waiting for a bus in the rain.  Her plans for the weekend made me a bit jealous (two wedding receptions!).
Finally I spoke to Dustin and his wife Bekki.  We spoke about how Dustin had moved from Washington State to Bedfordshire to be with Bekki and how he likes living in a country where nobody else has the same name as him.  Bekki gave me a little bit of life coaching, which was quite nice.  Bekki’s favourite type of offal is heart.  I didn’t ask Dustin about offal.

Tonight was nice, I enjoyed every conversation.  I will add a little bit more introspection tomorrow when I am not so tired.

This is what 18 voicemails sound like.

EDIT: I ended up getting interviewed by Iain Lee live on Absolute Radio.  If you’d like to listen to that interview then the podcast of his show is available here.  (Interview starts at about 14 minutes.)

One response to “Talking to Strangers (Again)”

  1. I can’t wait to hear your interview with Iain Lee. I listen to him avidly, and he’s just tweeted all your guff. Brilliant work.
    What annoys me is I actually had this same idea 2 days ago when reminiscing of an old Iain Lee show where a caller of his (Vinny) did the same thing. I expect Mr Lee told you about that.
    Anyhow, good stuff. I’m gonna download the podcast now…I might tweet you later…
    Keep it up fella.

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