A Message for You

I like to leave friendly messages in places where people will find them.  Then hopefully people will find me.  I am not as lonely as this makes me sound.

Last year I stencilled the words “Smile. It will be here soon.” in gold paint onto the bus shelter near my house.  I like to imagine that it cheered up a few commuters as well as cheering me up a little every time I waited there.  Ever since then I’ve fallen in love with the idea of someone finding a friendly or encouraging message as they go about their day, especially if they find such encouragement in an unexpected place.

You can read more about my friendly messages here.

2 responses to “A Message for You”

  1. Hello Lewis,

    I think you’ve got a great idea here. I read the signs you posted on your other blog…I have ideas!

    This definitely falls into the “random acts of kindness” category. Everybody wins.

    Take care,

  2. What a lovely idea. I heard of a guy that leaves canvass artwork in random places in Brighton for people to find and blogs about it. Random kindness is everyones opportunity to make a difference – albeit a small one.

    With peoples attitudes often being deeply rooted in negativity how great is it to give people words of encouragement and positivity! People should build each other up – not be keen to knock each other down!

    It is a shame that for many readers of Lewis notes; that maybe the only encouragement they will receive that day/week/month….?

    How or who are you encouraging today? It is free and will only take a sec.

    Peace and love.

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