Halloween 2010

A few months ago I sketched out my costume idea for Halloween 2010.  I don’t really like Halloween and I don’t really like wearing costumes so for me the 31st of October is usually a bit of a nightmare, but not this year.  I’ve decided that I’m going to enjoy Halloween on my terms – not as a ‘crazy’ Dark Knight Joker; not as a bedraggled Captain Jack Sparrow (complete with the voice of a Bristolian Date Rapist) but as the opposite to the over-the-top campness that is Halloween.  This year I will be dressing up as an amoeba: one of the lowest and most simple forms of life.

I’m not really sure where to start.

3 replies on “Halloween 2010”

It’s really interesting,but something about it really worries me: how are you going to see,talk or even breath when you’re in there?
I think you should try to put the eyes and the mouth in the correct place,you’d find it very useful when you are hungry or when trying to avoid a wall!

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