Lewis Dryburgh is a 26 year old writer, speaker and performer from Aberdeen, Scotland. He is a passionate sandwich enthusiast with an interest in communication and the flow of information.

“Showstopper.” – Independent on Sunday

In August 2011 he co-wrote; co-produced and performed in The Quotidian Revue with James Ward and Peter Fletcher at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to surprisingly positive reviews.

“Swings between the absurd and the beautiful.” - The List

“Extremely different. ★★★★” - AlltheFestivals

“Eccentric, odd, but rather brilliant. ★★★★” – ThreeWeeks

“Strangely hypnotic and engaging.  Assured, witty and erudite. ★★★★” – BroadwayBaby

He is a nice person, just like you.